Our Story

Creation begins with the hands. They are our instruments of artistic expression, our point of contact with the physical world, our means of experiencing tangibility and touch. With our hands, we offer gestures of connection and solidarity. Through our hands, we come to know and create, the texture of our world.

Hand Organic was founded in 2017 by brother-sister duo Mic and Samantha Eaton. Their intention was simple: to apply timeless, elevated design to the most essential pieces of our daily attire – the ones we wear closest to our skin – and do it with mindful regard for the planet and for those who will one day inherit it.

The Eaton’s believe that ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ should be more than just buzz words – these concepts should be embedded into our way of life as part of a moral and social obligation we all have as humans to preserve our natural environment for future generations.

“It's our words, actions, and thoughts that create our world. Every cause with its effect, everyone and everything intricately connected.  We may not be able to alter the past but we can affect our present and influence the future.

Through our ethical practices, we prevent chemicals being introduced to our earth and waterways, we support our local communities by helping to revive a near extinct industry, we take every step we can to ensure people and our planet aren't exploited, our goal is to empower individuals through their skill and creativity.”

By taking a holistic approach to the creative process the Eaton’s maintain a diligent eye on each link in the supply chain, ensuring the quality, durability and integrity of each finished garment. Hand Organic garments are made from certified organic cotton sourced from ethical producers within Australia. The packaging is fully recyclable, non-toxic and compostable. Each piece is designed with both beauty and functionality in mind – when it comes to underwear comfort is always key. Hand Organic was created for people who care about the planet, who value quality and authenticity, and who want their everyday staples to look as good as they feel.